The Contemporary Wingshooter


This magazine was designed to be viewed online, unlike many digital publications at the time, our goal was to have the viewer be able to read and see everything without requiring the reader to zoom in. There is less text on the page and the typography on the spread was specifically chosen for the readability and set in a size that would be easy enough to read without zooming in.

I worked with this client for over five years and single-handedly designed 10 issues of this title. I worked with remote editors, writers, photographers, and artists. I also was able to create many of the ads in the issues, you can find many of these in the Advertising Section.

If you are interested in looking at the issues in their entirity, please go to

As you scroll down you will see an example of an article that was in a section geared towards cooking and beverages. The issue contained articles that ranged from photo essays to more traditional stories that ranged from 1000 to 3000 words. There were multiple sections in each issue.